Text Features: Labeling

What is labeling and why is it important? Students will learn about information in text by identifying and labeling the parts of a Bald Eagle’s head. This is a wonderful lesson for young students and English Language Learners. It focuses on eagles, but the lesson provides additional opportunities for teaching and learning labeling and the names of body parts.
Labeling Slideshow
To start the slideshow, click the rightward pointing arrow beneath the slideshow. To pop the lesson plan out, click the pop icon (the square four-cornered shape) beneath the slideshow. To get an interactive copy of this lesson for your google classroom, click here.

Additional Resources

I use the book Bald Eagles by Trace Taylor to introduce students to the concept of labeling. You can use Taylor’s book, find pictures of eagles online, or use the pictures provided here. The pictures are also included in the lesson package.

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Elementary, English Language Learning, and Language Arts