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ImageTitleCategoriesAbout The Lesson Plan
Sandhill Cranes on the Mississippi Flyway
Just Passing Through!Animal Behavior, Animal Migration, Elementary, Life Science, Middle School

Students will learn about migratory flyways and investigate one bird species found on the Mississippi River Flyway.

Lesson Plan: Shorebird Superheroes
Shorebirds: Migratory Superheroes!Climate Change, Conservation, Elementary, Language Arts, Life Science, Middle School

This lesson plan was published by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2013. Activities include connect-the-dots, crossword puzzles, word finds, coloring pages, and much more. The activities vary in difficulty and length and are designed to meet various learning levels from 2nd through 6th grades.

Save Our Species: ESA Endangered Species Coloring Book
Endangered Species Coloring BookAnimals, Art, Conservation, Life Science

This coloring book was published by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008. It includes 21 coloring pages of listed species along with simple facts, a range map, an index of common and scientific names, and illustrations of the species in real life.

What Do Animals Do All Day?
What Do Animals Do All Day?Animal Behavior, Life Science, Middle School

Students will create ethograms and journals based on what they observe in a Bald Eagle’s nest.

PSA Challenge
PSA Challenge!Elementary, Language Arts, Life Science, Middle School

Students will investigate lead poisoning and other human threats to Bald Eagles and create a public service announcement to help foster behavior change in people.

From Hatch To Fledge
From Egg To FledglingElementary, Language Arts, Life Science

Students will make observations and understand the changes an eaglet goes through from hatch to fledging.

Opinion Writing
Opinion Writing: Stick Tango!Elementary, Language Arts

Elementary students will create a story web and write an opinion piece in which they introduce a topic, state opinions, and supply reasons to support their opinion.

Eaglet showing crop
Crop? Crop! Organ SystemsDigestion, Life Science, Middle School, Organ Systems

Students will learn about the digestive systems of Bald Eagles and compare and contrast them with human digestive systems.

DM2 and Mom #1
Who’s Who? Identifying Character TraitsElementary, Life Science

Students will identify observable character traits belonging to Mom and DM2 and use them to explain or justify how they know which eagle is Mom and which eagle is DM2.

Bald Eagle Eggs
Predict Mom’s First Egg of the SeasonElementary, Math

Students will use historical data to predict when Mom will lay her first egg.

Compare/Contrast Male and Female Bald Eagles
Compare and Contrast Male and Female Adult Bald EaglesElementary, Language Arts, Life Science, Middle School

Students will learn about the differences and similarities between adult male and female bald eagles, and relate the information to inherited traits and instincts.

Compare and Contrast Eaglets and ChicksAnimal Behavior, Elementary, Language Arts, Life Science, Middle School

Students will use an eagle cam and chickens to explain how eaglets and chicks are alike and different.

Blackfly Infestation: Animal Behavior and Climate ChangeAnimal Behavior, Climate Change, Entomology, Life Science, Middle School

Students will analyze video and data of blackfly infestations and consider their impact on wildlife and humans.

Text Features: LabelingElementary, Language Arts

Students will use labeling to understand information in text.

Phenology Journal
Phenology: Creating a Naturalist’s NotebookArt, Language Arts, Life Science, Middle School

Students will learn about the science of phenology by journaling activities in a bald eagle’s nest.

Collective Nouns
Collective NounsElementary, Language Arts

Students will learn and write about three collective nouns connected to Bald Eagles.